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The advantages of having your own CIO

Many mid to large sized organisations employ a full time Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer, but for the smaller business justifying the expense is simply not feasible.

However, smaller companies have a great deal to gain by getting their technology right at the earliest opportunity. Effectively, this means large-scale thinking on a small-scale budget.

The IEP CIO On-demand service solves this situation by providing expertise on a part time or ad hoc basis without the expensive overheads associated with permanent staff.

Furthermore, because our consultants work on so many different projects - and are exposed to new technologies all the time - we can make sure you are exploiting the latest technology to its fullest. Our CIO On-demand service includes:

  • Advising on the use of technology to address specific business requirements.
  • Developing an IT business strategy to help your business to meet its objectives.
  • Defining a technical architecture and associated policies for the enterprise.
  • Developing specifications for major systems such as web site, intranet, office automation and key business systems.
  • Procuring solutions in the form of software products and technical services.
  • Product and Project Management.

How your CIO On-demand works with your organisation is up to you. They can work with you as part of your team, attending board, investor, management and project meetings as you wish.


More information is available in the CIO On-demand Service brochure  

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