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Then take advantage of 2 hours of free consultancy*.

Afterwards you could be well on your way to understanding what you can achieve, how it needs to be done...  

... and just how quickly it will impact your bottom line.


When you click the submit button, a download link will be sent by email to the address specified. Please note, we will use your contact details only for the purpose of following up your interest. We do not disclose details to third parties.

The Project Management Plan Template doesn’t supply all the answers. Life is never that simple. It is something we use early on in an assignment - and it does highlight the questions you need to ask to get your project started.

So you don’t have to fill it in when you receive it. It is there to prepare you for the sort of issues we will raise if you wish to know more about how we can help.

Remember that using this Project Management Template puts you under absolutely no commitment whatsoever. Despite that you will still get these four important and immediate benefits if you take up our introductory offer:

  • Two hours free consultancy to help you understand what is possible – and how IEP can help.
  • Plenty of practical, useable advice even if you decide not to extend our relationship any further.
  • Firm advice on the time your project should take, the number of people it will require – and, of course, the likely cost.
  • You should also end up with a good idea of the improvements you should receive in terms of efficiency and improved profitability.

All of this – and it won’t have cost you a penny!

* subject to location, some consultations may be conducted by phone