A selection of assignments

We showcase a handful of assignments for the IE Partnership group of companies covering a cross section of the services offered.


totallyFREEwills is a unique concept which offers a genuinely cost-free willmaking service to the general public. The business is operated by a bespoke, web-enabled system. Members of the public access the service and make a will on-line. This is then directed to the appropriate participating solicitor for verification before being stored safely in secure premises.

totallyFREEwills came to us via the Joint e-Venture scheme. We helped identify the most appropriate technologies to deliver a low cost scalable online solution, following which specifications were created and the software was developed. The IE Partnership team acted as technology advisor, software developer and project manager.

Today, after a successful launch with over 8,000 applications completed or in progress, we still act as technology and business advisors to the core management team who are now looking to expand the operation with new propositions and channel partners.



The Landmark Trust renovates and manages a portfolio of historic buildings which are available for rent as short term holiday lets. Their requirement was to put their 180+ property details online with search, availability, pricing and bookings incorporated.

This was a complex online website, offering on-line bookings with a server side transactional database integrated to a back office booking system using a bespoke synchronisation system. A customised CMS solution was developed to facilitate specialist content control requirements.

IE Partnerships acted as technology advisors in the first instance, creating the requirements specification and then helping to identify potential off the shelf and bespoke solutions and suppliers. After a review of options,  Sibilo  was awarded the software development contract. IE Partnerships then acted as project/implementation manager, coordinating internal Landmark resources and steering the development to ensure the project came in on time and budget.

Sibilo developed the system in 7 weeks from start to finish, including the upload of site data and testing. Sibilo’s proprietary development system (SSDM) was used to develop and refine the solution which went live at week 9 of the project.

In the first month of operation alone the site managed thousands of bookings, generating an immediate return on investment. The closest competition for this work quoted a 9 to 12 month timeframe at a cost three times greater than that of Sibilo’s. Today, more than 50% of reservations are now taken on-line.



Stepevi operate a chain of carpet and home decoration shops in Paris, Milan, New-York and Istanbul. When they decided to open a shop on King's Road in London, they contracted our specialist IT consultant, Mr Ege  as their technology advisor.

Their various requirements included a stable, high-bandwidth internet connection, a means of connecting to their HQ and integrating with their stock keeping system, having POS equipment that doubled as internet-browsers and email clients and a back office server with several PCs, all required to be remotely manageable both by Netgenies technicians and the HQ IT team.

The solution was a blend of hardware and software solutions from Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and HP and the team worked day and night to bring them together in harmony for Stepevi to build them a redundant, scalable and fully remotely manageable network in only 7 days, complete with an always-on VPN tunnel to other Stepevi locations and their HQ.

The rest has been a magic carpet ride for Stepevi, where their sales have been soaring from day one.



Aperia is an independent local government consultancy that helps Local Authorities in the north of England transform the quality and efficiency of the services they deliver. They had a requirement to develop a software solution as part of a new customer proposition.  

Aperia utilised our software development support and technology advisory services to help interpret customer requirements, create specifications and manage the development of this new product. The software formed part of business process re-engineering proposition and as such the advisory services were pivotal in understanding the end to end requirements and in ensuring that the software specifications reflected the real-world situation.

The software was developed by Sibilo Turkey and the advisory services and development programme were managed from the UK. The project was characterised by rapid development, complex database structure and specialist user interface requirements. The solution was developed as a scalable web based platform that could be delivered in a number of ways; as a “white labelled” solution, a standard product (actually a tool kit) or a managed service solution administered by Aperia or a nominated organisation.