The benefits of IT strategy and IT audit

Too many IT systems have grown over the years without any real design consideration, instead just evolving in response to ad hoc business requirements - new projects, new employees, new email systems - and so on.

There comes a point when you cannot continue like this. The opportunities to increase performance and reduce costs are simply not available to you.

To change this, you need to make IT an integral part of your business strategy. You need both tactical - those menial tasks that still need doing - and strategic objectives that help to re-align your IT business thinking and deliver new opportunities.

At a tactical level, we can make recommendations concerning new technologies and add expertise and experience that you may not have access to in-house.

IT Business Strategy generally forms part of our Business Advisory Services. After all, the development of an IT Strategy starts with a review of business objectives and an analysis of IT services, software applications and physical resources.

An IT Strategy shows if your IT systems, software applications and online presence are structured to maximise your business’ chances of success and maintain its competitive advantage.

The IT Audit ensures your data is adequately protected and that the systems support your business needs, providing information and resources to personnel on time and when required.

The audit also examines the availability of computer systems and network resources, security - including machine-based precautions, software policies and staff practices. It includes the creation of a system architecture drawing showing the interconnectivity of key physical resources and IT infrastructure. The audit includes:

  • A full risk assessment.
  • Computer hardware.
  • Software including operating systems.
  • Services such as email and SPAM avoidance.
  • Human policies, processes and practices.
  • Security - resilience, risk and access.
  • Disaster recovery - back-up and redundancy.

The audit process includes:

  • A discovery workshop with key IT personnel.
  • Periodic questionnaires and email exchanges to fill in gaps and respond to ad hoc questions.
  • A risk analysis and where appropriate a remedial action plan.
  • A presentation workshop to review the audit output and any recommendations.
  • A full report upon completion.


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